Christmas is coming! Summer days are gone, and rain and cold are becoming more common these days, especially in the United Kingdom. Not everything is bad at this time of year: Christmas arrives, and the illusion, the joy and of course, the desire to celebrate with it.
If you are not a ham expert, you may not know where the sirloin comes from or what is its difference with an entrecôte. When we refer to animal anatomy, we must be aware of the different terms in order to know what we are eating. It happens the same with iberian hams. It has different parts with its different specific characteristics. Did you know? Do you want to know more about them? We tell you more about them:
Perhaps you are confused and you think that all Iberian hams are pata negra. Actually, for an Iberian ham to be called Pata Negra it must meet some requirements established by law. Some of them are: the ham must come from a pig of both Iberian parents and it follows a strict production process following safety and hygiene regulations. Most of the Pata Negra hams have the distinctive Denomination of Origin, which is restricted to certain areas of breeding and production.
Iberian or Serrano ham are the perfect Christmas gifts. After this difficult season, we want a good taste in these Christmas parties. Giving away Iberian or Serrano ham and sending it to the United Kingdom is your best option for this Christmas.