1. Can we ship to the United Kingdom?

Although the United Kingdom no longer belongs to the European Union, we can send whole hams, shoulders and sausages. Products available to ship to the UK are at www.jamonarium.co.uk.

More information about transportation.

2. How much is the shipping?

The price of transport may vary depending on the weight, country and kind of transport from those available in your area.

More information about transportation costs here.


3. How long will take for my order to arrive?

Transportation time may vary depending on the destination. Transit times are counted in business days.

More information about transport here.

4. Is there any customs, tax or duty procedure?

Orders sent to countries outside the EU are paid without VAT and import taxes have to be paid at destination.

More information in our transport list.

5. How to buy at Jamonarium?

To buy in our online store, it is recommended to register as a customer to enjoy all its benefits. Follow the steps below:

  • Select the products you are interested in and access the cart through the basket icon (at the top right side of the screen).

  • Enter the delivery address and the shipping methods available for your address will automatically appear.

  • Select the shipping method and payment method that suits you best

  • Accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

  • Click on "buy now".

  • Then follow the steps according to the payment you have chosen.

More information about how to buy.

6. What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

You must access "my account" and above the "Login" button you will see the option "Forgot your password?”. Follow the instructions.

More information about your customer account.

7. How to pay by credit card? 

To purchase with a credit or debit card, you must have enabled online purchases and the secure payment method. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards. To make the payment, you must enter your card number, the expiration date and the code on the back.

Next, you must either enter an SMS code, access your bank's application or enter some coordinates to be able to process and validate the payment.

When the payment has been validated by your bank, your order will be registered.

More on how to pay by credit card.

8. How to pay by transfer?

  • Select the option "Pay with bank transfer" in the cart.

  • End your purchase

  • You will automatically receive some emails. One confirming the order and another with our bank details.

  • As soon as we receive the money in our bank, we will ship the order.

More information about how to pay by bank transfer.

9. How will your order be delivered?

The presentation of your order may vary depending on the products. We have rigid cardboard boxes of different sizes to adapt the packaging to your order.

The main objective is that you receive your products in perfect condition.

If you buy oils and wines in glass bottles, your products will be shipped in reinforced card boxes so you will receive them in perfect condition. If you buy sliced, boned or products in pieces, they will be sent vacuum-packed so they will remain in perfect condition throughout the trip.

More information about manipulation and presentation of our products.

10. Can I add a gift card with a message to my order?

Yes. We explain you how to do it:

  • Select the option "Gift" in the cart, under the shipping methods.

  • A box will appear, where you can include a text for the card.

  • We will print it on a card and attach it to the gift.

  • We never send prices or invoices with our orders.

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11. What can I do if I am not home when the courier arrives?

If your parcel arrives and you are not there, the delivery company will make a second delivery the following day. The courier would also have to contact you either by phone or by leaving a note. This is not always the case. That is why we are very aware. We will notify you and we can send the contact of the carrier in your area.

More information.

12. How much fat has a ham or a shoulder?

In proportion, the shoulder has more fat than the ham. The waste percentage of a shoulder (between fat, bone and skin) is around 60%, while that of a ham is around 50%. The percentages may vary depending on the piece.

More information about ham.

13. Do you want advice on how to buy a ham or shoulder?

Buying ham is a matter of trust. We have more than 40 years of experience, in our physical store in Barcelona and online. We are one of the leading stores in Europe thanks to the trust our customers have everyday. If you need advice to buy a ham, a shoulder or any of our gourmet products, contact us by our form, by phone +34931763594 or +34910052157, by whatsapp or in the chat on our website. We will be happy to help you.

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