The best 100% ibérico Pata negra ham

The 100% pure Iberico Bellota Pata Negra ham is recognized all over the world as a gastronomic treasure. This product is exclusively made in certain specific areas in southern and eastern Spain, Huelva (Jabugo), Salamanca (Guijuelo), Extremadura and Los Pedroches. Its incredible taste and juiciness make those hams the best valued hams by the most recognized chefs in the world, including Ferrán Adrià.

Jabugo ham, home of iberian hams

Jabugo is a small town placed in the Sierra de Huelva, where some of the best 100% Iberico Bellota Pata Negra hams are made. The iberian black pigs are raised in the pastures of the province and the hams and shoulders are dried in the numerous dryers in town. Some of the most important Pata Negra ham brands are placed there, such as Cinco Jotas 5j, Sanchez Romero de Carvajal, Jabugo Altanza, Beher, Covap, Ciurana, etc.

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