Which is the most famous Spanish ham in the United Kingdom, the Serrano or the Ibérico?

Our delicatessen products are of great interest in the UK. If we talk about data, we can confirm that it is a priority market for the Iberian ham sector, closely followed by the French and German. They represent 50% of exports of meat derivatives from Spain.

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The interest of our British neighbors in Spain is not only reduced to the recognition of our gastronomy, but also represents a potential market with continuous growth in the tourism sector. That is why the Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig (ASICI) has focused their interests on informing and promoting about Iberian Ham.


From street actions to "formal" acts with presentations to British market agents by all distributors and representatives of the Iberian sector at the Spanish embassy in the United Kingdom. These events are made to publicize a tradition in our culture, whose ultimate goal is to offer a product that is a luxury for the palate. From the purity of the selected animals, their pasture in complete freedom, to revealing the complete process of making the Iberian Ham, including its boneless to aging in the cellar and going through its salting and curing.


We would dare to say that Iberico Ham is better known in the United Kingdom than Serrano Ham. If you're in the UK and want to try both, at Jamonarium we have a wide variety of Iberian and Serrano Hams for all budgets.


Do not miss yours. See you next time!